Our Activities in January

In January our monthly visit to the Rutland and Derby on Millstone Lane, for their varied and entertaining quiz and good food, was unproductive as we struggled with the intros, and bombed on various rounds, but didn’t stop us going back for more in February.
Recovering our wits, we engaged our brains to win some Mah-jong hands, enjoying the beauty of the tiles, and a pleasant social evening, as the experienced player coached the novices, in an evening with a game which involves skill, strategy, calculation and a degree of chance, not to mention wine and nibbles. Developed in China during the Qing dynasty, Mah-jong has spread throughout the world since the early 20th century. Familiarising ourselves with the set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, we draw and discard tiles until we complete a legal hand using the 14th drawn tile to form 4 melds (or sets and a pair (eye). We also try to remember the myriad of special hands, we collect winds and dragons and get our heads round the scoring, trying to remember how much the beautiful scoring sticks are worth in the final countdown. Great evening.
Then we exercised our bodies, with an evening of friendly competitive badminton, and a return to the table, this time for cards, to pit our wits at crib. A trip to the cinema, to see Mary Queen of Scots was rounded off with some exciting coffee and alcohol options at carluccios, and great DVD evenings over the festive period were relaxed and sociable. The month concluded with a day trip to Southwell minster, where we learnt an amazing amount about the history and art there from our lovely guide, and sustained our inner selves with some good grub at Southwell garden centre. A great social start to 2019.


Jacqui R

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Shell Island



Peter N. writes:-

“In June 2018 we joined up with members of Merseyside and Gloucester IVC’s to spend a week camping in Shell Island, Wales.”

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Apethorpe Palace

Apethorpe Palace in Northamptonshire is an English Heritage property open to the public pre-booking guided tours. It is of Historic interest, and you can see from the photo why they call it a palace



This is what happened afterward.


taken by a waiter at the White Swan, Wood Newton

A good time was had by all




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Froggatt Edge Walk Sunday 18th June 2017

This is four of the five who did a seven mile walk on Froggatt Edge on Sunday. this in in the morning before lunch and we are at the top close to the edge.

Good meal in Baslow too at the Rowley Inn


Bob H




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Garden Party Sat 17th June

Saturday 17th was a very hot day. Fortunately we had a Garden Party planned. 11 people showed up and enjoyed the sunshine, the garden, and the magnificent spread shown below!


Bob H

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Wymondham Windmill 14 May

On National Windmills day, seven of us set out for Wymondham mill

The Picture shows the mill where restoration is on going. The cap is to the bottom left of the picture. The mill was driven for demonstration purposes by a tractor via the belt shown

Six of us are shown on this photo!

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Leicestershire IVC Hosts Regional Meeting

20160924_162317We held a regional meeting for our national organisation on 24 Sept. Members from Cambridge, London, Birmingham, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Derby joined us as well as National Committee members. The Business meeting in the morning was followed by a visit to the King Richard Exhibition and Cathedral in the afternoon, and a meal in the evening. The photo shows some o fthe attendees by the King’s statue in the afternoon

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Heights of Abraham Sun 2 Oct 2016

imgp0977Well, several of had not been up there before, and others not for a long time, so we set off.  A ride in a cable car, and we foundimgp0976 a full day’s worth  of things to see





Some of the party at the highest point!

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Doddington Hall Sculptures 11 Sep 16

imgp0972imgp0971We found out just in time for the last day about a summer exhibition of sculptures at Doddington Hall near Lincoln….. so we went

It was good-we’ll go again when it’s next on, in 2018

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Brussels Holiday in May 2016

Here are a few shots from the Leicester IVC Holiday in Brussels. We visited the City, Bruges , and the Waterloo Battlefield


In the Grand Square

In the Grand Square

the Atomium

the Atomium

waterloo battlefield--the mound

waterloo battlefield–the mound

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