1/. What are the members like?

Leicestershire IVC Social Club members are all types of people, from all backgrounds and careers, and with all interests. They are social individuals who want more out of life, and are looking for new  experiences, fun, and to meet new people. All ages and backgrounds are welcome

2.  Can I join alone ?

Yes-  almost all of our members have joined on their own, and without knowing anyone else in the club. New members are always welcome. There’s a real sense of community that come s from belonging to Leicestershire IVC Social Club. Friendships naturally occur from the momentum of the club, and through the interactivity of the events. Our activities feel more like a group of friends going out together than it does a disconnected group of strangers.

3/. What if my Diary is unpredictable?

We have a wide number of activities that occur during evenings and weekends. We understand that not everybody can come to all events. Most members pick and choose events that will accommodate them

4/. How are the events advertised and how do I sign up for them?

The events are advertised  in the monthly bulletin, and also in the ‘yellow sheets’ folder-this contains the events sheets. If you sign on these sheets this will let the organizer know that you want to go. The Organizer can also be contacted directly

5/. How many people attend each event ?

Certain events are best with less than ten people. Most events fall within this range. Turnout can vary between events

6/. How do I know I’d fit in with the group ?

Our club boasts a membership of many different types of people so that everyone find members with whom they connect. If you sign up for events you are interested in, you are certain to find others  to find others at those events with the same interests as you !

7/. Is it open to just everyone ?

Yes.   Leicestershire IVC Social Club does reserve the right to refuse membership– and will not accept any form of abuse or discrimination of any nature. Our members are good natured people and are tolerant and accepting of other people’s differences.

8/. What if I am shy around strangers ?

Everyone was a new member once and current members understand this and are welcoming. Once people experience a few events and get to know some of the other members, it helps confidence as people get to feel included and comfortable

9/. Will I make friends to socialize with outside of the club ?

Friendships that start in Leicestershire IVC Social Club often do take on a life of their own outside of the club. Many people who met through us many years ago are still close friends today

10/. Can I bring a guest to a Leicestershire IVC Social Club event ?

Yes you can, though they are subject to a £2.50 fee which will be given to the club’s annual Charity