Busy Weekend

IMGP0841Saturday– we went to Clumber Park, on the occasion of the Rhubarb Festival. Fascinating, and we had time for a snack and a walk round as well. This is some of us in the glasshouses




Sunday  some of us went to the open day at Kibworth Harcourt windmillIMGP0844: and some of us went to the Sci Fi convention at the space centre. Owlflight writes:-

I’m slowly building up the number of actors who I’ve met from Doctor Who… On this day, it was my first chance to meet and speak with Doctor 5 (Peter Davison), Nicola Bryant, and audio writer Nev Fountain.

Whilst there was not as much activity around, compared to my last visit to a Who-themed day here, this trip by myself and another IVC member still provided some good moments. By a quirk of being in the right place at the right time, I was the first person to welcome Nicola and Nev to the centre. Later on, I was able to be photographed with the two actors, and speak with them and Nev. At the Q and A session Peter, Nicola, and Nev had interesting facts to relate on Michael Grade’s executive decisions whilst working in TV (some of which politically impacted on Doctor Who in the 1980s) – and Peter told the audience the story of when he bravely chased, and caught, a burglar who had broke into his car – which had us all laughing and applauding.

Other activities during the day included seeing original costumes from Blakes 7, and hearing from Jon Davey – who has, since 2006, played Cybermen, Judoon, Daleks, and a Whisperman, on TV and at the Albert Hall orchestra concerts. He spoke of the hours of make-up, how to march as a Cyberman, and the physical limitations of being in costume (including restricted vision). And, as always, there were the cosplay actors – which this time included a mummy and a Judoon. There was a remote-controlled Davros. For those interested, there were three of the actors from ‘Red Dwarf’ also in attendance.

I’ll end by relating what the label on a storage case for a Dalek read as I left the centre: ‘Warning – intergalactic terrorist on board’.

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