Northern Ireland Giants causeway/ Titanic Exp

Hi There, well in the first week of August four of us packed our bags and headed off to Northern Ireland, where we saw P1070356 P1070357 P1070403 P1070411 P1070442 P1070447 some spectacular scenery and met some wonderful people.

On day 2 we went to visit the Giants Causeway, we were unlucky with the weather and it did rain quite a bit, but never the less that didn’t stop us getting our walking boots on and camera’s out.

The next day we took a the scenic route along the coast to experience some of the most breathtaking views in the world.

Day 3 was spent visiting Belfast, which you think is a poverty stricken city which is very much run down, well you couldn’t be more wrong. The city has undergone some major developments and  lots of money has been invested.

Standing next to the peace walls is a real eye opener and when you look at the views above you are surrounded by beautiful mountains

On the last day we went to visit the titanic exhibition where we discovered the titanic story, this was a truly amazing experience and I recommend you should go.



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